Thekla & Peter / Sportschloss Velen

A classy wedding with magic moments

HER wedding is just like a fairy-tale: a magical castle, a wonderful dress, flowers in her hair, a pair of Tiffany rings and the love of her life!

HIS wedding is a big day: a majestic castle, a cool suit, cuff links with his own initials and this stunning woman who is going to become his wife! 

TOGETHER they have the most beautiful day they could have imagined - surrounded by family and friends on a sunny day... A very touching moment: when the brides' godchild reads a personal wish for the couple! 

Can it get any better? Yes. It can.
Look out for this special sparkling moment : A fire-breather, who illuminates the night with his performance! 

What else do they need for their own fairytale? And so they will live happily ever after!

Location: Sportschloss Velen
Hair & Makeup: Nina Nolepa Hair & Make-up Design
Jewelry: DRKS
Wedding Rings: Tiffany