African Adventure Part 1

From Namibia to South Africa


Yayyy, january! This means: it's travel time again. But where to next? Our bucket list is neverending...

We decide to visit the african continent. 4 weeks, 2 travellers, a 4x4 car and a roof tent. From Windhoek to Cape Town. So i buy a roadmap and two guidebooks for each country and start to mark all the places we want to visit on the map. And our route takes shape. 

African AdventureStepMapAfrican Adventure

After 10 hours of flight we finally arrive in Windhoek. Sandra gives us a warm welcome and we enjoy the first day at her house and her amazing garden. In the evening we go for a short walk through Windhoek and visit Joe's Beerhouse for Dinner (highly recommended)!

The next day we pick up our car at Asco Car Hire and the roadtrip is about to start!
Off to Sossusvlei, camping in the desert. Endless sand hills and bizarre dead trees are waiting for us. We climb the dunes, walk through the desert, admire the conserved trees and the enormous canyon - and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and -rises...

After a few days we continue our roadtrip.
Wild Zebras and Oryx cross our way, we drive for hours and hours without seeing any trees, only rocks and stones... 

Next stop: Lüderitz. Sounds german. And due to the colonization in the late 19th century there is in fact a big german influence everywhere in Namibia. We walk around the small city, enjoy the great view from our hostel with new friends, take a deep breath at the oceanside and count seals and flamingos at the Diaz Point.
Our personal highlight: Kolmanskop, a ghost town in the desert.

The next stops are Klein-Aus and the Roadhouse at Fish River Canyon. We spend the nights at "campsites", but often it feels like being alone in the wild...
It's strictly forbidden to camp wild in Namibia and South Africa. And I think I don't have to explain the advantage of running water, a flush lavatory and sometimes even an electric connector for the small refrigerator box in our car.

In Klein-Aus there is nothing but silence, wide open space, breathtaking views, unbelievable sunsets and a crystal clear night sky.  Above our heads there is a giant bird's nest in the tree, and we get a lot of entertainment by those tiny but really cheeky birds!

The roadhouse looks a bit trashy and seems not to fit into the namibian desert. But it's quite interesting to discover all the oldtimers the owner collected over the years, and besides they serve the best chocolate cake!! It's located close to the Fish River Canyon, which we explore the next day.

Time flies and we say Goodbye to Namibia and cross the border at Noordoewer/ Vioolsdrif. Ready to continue our adventure in another country - hello South Africa! 

COMING SOON:   elephants & cockroaches, a forbidding coastline and the most southern tip of africa.