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About photography, personal development and why we took this rug with us...

Anne Hornemann, Stefanie Lategahn, Verena Anne Ahrens & Daniela Müller

Anne Hornemann, Stefanie Lategahn, Verena Anne Ahrens & Daniela Müller

When working alone, being self-employed without co-workers, it's very important to continue education, to get further qualifications and and to work on your professional development. Therefore, I booked a workshop this year (can't wait - Portugal, see you soon! ), an online course for working on my style and I always love to collaborate with fellow photographers. But sometimes all you need is a good conversation and a glass of wine.

We - Dani, Steffi, Anne and me - met last year at the Wedding Meetup in Cologne, and soon we realized, that there is always too little time and so much to talk about. So Dani suggested to plan a "weekend away", for having enough time to talk and shoot and for getting to know each other better. As all of them are great photographers and great personalities, I loved the idea and wanted it to become reality as soon as possible. 

At the beginning of february, we met on Schiermonnikoog, a dutch beautiful little island.
The North Sea, no cars, a lot of seagulls, a deserted beach, an apartment with a heated swimming pool and -of course- a few bottles of wine. Oh and a carpet. Because we brought one for "maybe shooting with it". Just in case we need it. It was a beautiful rug, you know... 
- In the end we used him for sitting down in the dunes for watching the sunset and the pink sky. But: you never know what a carpet is good for - and "that rug really tied the room together". (The Big Lebowski)

Of course we couldn't resist shooting during our stay, so here you can see some of our results. Standing in front of the camera still feels unusual - not uncomfortable, but unusual -, but I really love the results! And shooting these beautiful women was also a smasher <3  

credits for the pictures of Anne and me: Stefanie Lategahn Fotografie

Thanks for the conversations, the little tipps and hints, the laughters, the life coaching and the pictures! Can't wait for our next trip, see you soon girls! 

Have a look at their amazing work:
The Quote-Lover with the big heart : Daniela Müller
The Gifted One with a contagious laugh : Anne Hornemann
The - no, I'm not going to tell you ;) : Stefanie Lategahn