End of the Year - 2016

This is what happened the last 365 days:

The most wonderful weddings. Thirty, to be precisely. And each one a highlight, different from each other. Lots of stories to tell, some will be told soon here on my blog.
(Also a few great style shoots and projects. Stay tuned for some news!)

Our families are growing. My brother got married and I was his witness, Chris' two sisters also had wonderful wedding days! My nephew and my niece are cheering me up everytime I see them. And our Grannies are still with us - one of them turned ninety-eight this March!

Some new friends enrich our lives, some old friends reunited this year and some friendships unfortunately passed by...

I cut my hair into half. Okay - even more. And my hubby didn't like it, actually stopped talking to me for three days. Now they are growing again - and I am fine with it. ;)

We travelled as much as possible. Dublin. Namibia & Southafrica. Madrid. Thailand.
Lost our heart on several places. And realized, that we don't need much to be happy. No need of five-star-luxury, just a tent, a campfire and the stars above us. Oh, and a Savannah Dry or a cold Chang Beer!

Coldplay in concert. Definitely one of my favourite moments.

Some great Parties, Birthday Bashes, good Food, lots of laughters, some bad habits and hangovers, and the love in our life.                                            Thank you, 2016, to me you were nice and kind.